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Do you have a vision of how you want your home

to look, but all you see is mismatched pieces

and nothing that really works together?

You might feel like you need to start from scratch and buy all new everything in order to love your space. I'm here to challenge that thought!

Does this sounds familar?

  • You watch HGTV and long to play around with your space, but you're scared of how much it will cost and have no idea where to start
  • You just bought a new home and don't have much (if any!) budget to buy new things
  • You love so many of your *things* but don't know how to sort through the clutter and make those special pieces really shine

You feel like you’ll never be able to make

your space feel like *you.*

But are you doomed?! Heck no!

I'm here to make your space more YOU

than you could’ve ever imagined!

Imagine walking into your home, simply beaming with joy at the sight of it.

Welcome home.

I'm your DIY Decor Fairy Godmother, Diana.

And I'm here to help you bring that feeling to reality!

Oh, Darling . . .

You already have everything you need to make your space feel like home

  • You have a comfortable chair, it just isn't the $2000 you love from your fave online shop - that's okay!
  • You have collected ALL of the picture frames, but they sit on the floor off to the side because you just.can't.decide. where or how to hang them
  • You have things to sit on and tables to use, but things feel disconnected in the space
  • You've collected so many special pieces over the years and want to know how to blend with the other things you already have, without getting lost in the clutter

That's why I created...

A 1:1 3-hour session that teaches you how how to finish your space so it looks and feels

like you, even without buying a single new piece.

Here’s how my Magical Design Formula works ⤵️

Build it

  • Determine Design Archetype
  • Build Colour Palette
  • Establish Design Strategy

Move it

  • Measure Space
  • Optimize Room Layout
  • Move Things (I’m a Hands-On Kinda Girl 💪)

Enjoy it

  • You Receive Your Magical Design Reference Guide
  • Sit Back and Enjoy Your New-to-You Space!
  • Rinse & Repeat

Let the Makeover Magic Begin!

Here’s what’s you can expect the day of our session:


First Thing’s First . . .

I show up bearing sweet [or savoury] treats to inspire our best ideas!

Coffee? Tea? The best local donuts? I’ve got you covered ;)


Let’s Build It!

I will do a quick tour of the space, then we’ll sit down and get

to work, reviewing your *fun* homework.

Once we’ve established your Design Archetype and the direction

for the space, it is on to the next step!


We Move it

What’s the fun if we just sit down the whole time?

I will help you optimize the layout in real-time, so let’s

move some furniture!

There’s nothing like a fresh set of eyes seeing your space

and the endless opportunities for what *could* be.


Magical Design Reference Guide

At then end of our session, you will be gifted with this custom guide

that will be chock-full of all the notes from our time together,

plus tons of tips and tricks so you can rinse & repeat on your own

if you wish!


You Enjoy It!

Time to enjoy!

Whether you curl up with a good book or send out party invites

to all of your closest friends, it is time to finally feel at home

in your space. So do *home* the best way you know how! ☺️

Hello, I'm Diana!

After more than a decade in the design industry as the owner and Design Lead at Delaney Design Co., I continue to see evidence of how your physical environment affects your everyday life (and like, A LOT). So much in fact, I decided to make it my business to help you create a space where you can thrive!

The best news? I don’t believe you need a complicated or expensive process to create a true-to-you home that you love.

I have a signature system to help you get from overwhelmed with where to start, to confidently tackling your next design project.

Warning: I have a funny way of making you believe in yourself ;)

Ready to design a space you love?

Let’s get started!

I want to leave you feeling empowered by your newfound design know-how!

You’re going to learn how to:


Colour is a tricky thing, but I will teach you colour basics AND all my tips and tricks for selecting colours that work together, without the stress and guesswork.


Want a cozy space? You must layer lighting to create ambience

Need excellent task lighting for your workspace? We can cover how to reduce eye strain and ensure you can see what you’re working on


I guaranteee we’ll be able to breathe new life into what you already have, but if you’re looking to add new pieces, I will teach you how to be strategic with mixing and matching until you get the look you want.

The investment for your

Room Rescue Rendezvous is $1497

Or 3 monthly payments of $499

Are you ready to finally get the space of your dreams?!


You are the perfect fit for a Design Lesson if:

  • You love all things design and decor - even if you don't know where to start
  • You want to learn how to create your dream space
  • You are ready to take action, once you have the know-how
  • You aren't scared to get your hands dirty (figuratively...mostly ;))

It doesn't matter if you don't have a big budget (or ANY, for that matter!)

I am not here to make you feel like your space is not good enough. In fact, I am here to challenge you to fall in love with your "things" all over again!

I am SO over mass consumerism and all the pressure to buy things to make your home feel perfect.

Most of us bring things into our home initially that spark joy. So let's find the spark in those things again.

With my strategic lesson plan, we will do an inventory of what you have and use those items to breathe new life into your space. Then, we add in the other steps to create a plan to move forward with.

Spend or no-spend. I promise you'll see your home with fresh eyes when we‘re done with it ;)

It doesn’t matter if you have all this *stuff* and don’t know what to keep, what to toss and what to look for in the future!

This is EXACTLY what we’ll accomplish!

Room Rescue Rendezvous is a 3-hour, 1:1 session where we focus on one room in your home and create a design direction with what you already have. You will also learn some basic design principles [see my Magical Design Formula] that will help you understand how to replicate this in other space in your home too!

I promise you will leave this session feeling empowered and excited to apply this knowledge to other areas of your home.

I will help you sort through the "I need to's" and "shoulds" to uncover your unique design style.

Then we're going to bring it to LIFE!

Here's what some of our past clients have to say:

I want to help YOU achieve the space

of your dreams, too!

Let's get started!

The first step is to fill out your application form:



I need need help creating a plan using items I have now AND keeping in mind what I want to achieve in the future, so I know what furniture, artwork and accessories to keep an eye our for, as I go. Can you help with this?

This is exactly what we accomplish in a Room Rescue Rendezvous! I will help you sort through the "I need to's" and "shoulds" to uncover your unique design style and then plot out a plan for your right-now AND for the future.

Room Rescue Rendezvous will leave you feeling empowered to tackle your space and excited to apply this knowledge to other areas of your home too!

Is this service only in-person or can we do it virtually?

Room Rescue Rendezvous can absolutely be done virtually, without missing a single part of the experience! Want to learn more? Apply here!

How far in advance do I need to book?

There are a very limited number of spots for Room Rescues each month and only 4 spots left before 2024, so it is best to get your application in as soon as possible, especially if you have a timeline in mind to get your space finished.

Do I need to do any preparation before the session?

Once you sign up, you will receive a package outlining every details of how we will spend our time together, but in short, you will have a tiny bit of homework prep (I promise, it’s fun!) and then the *design magic* begins!

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, you are able to pay in 3 (three) monthly payments! BUT, if you pay upfront in full, you will be granted an exclusive 30-minute 1-on-1 Finishing Touches strategy session with me, to review your post-Room Rescue-progress, strategize next steps and help you through any areas you may be stuck once you begin to implement! (a value of $250!)

Please note, Room Rescue sessions booked with the payment plan will be scheduled no sooner than three months out, as payment is due in full prior to any services delivered. But fear not, we can book you in to ensure you have a spot (these can book up quickly!) and get you started on your homework and all the fun pre-session prep :)

Please note, all payments are non-refundable.