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Discover Your Design Archetype calls to help people stop second-guessing their unique design style!

Are you drowning in paint samples and have over-pinned images until your eyes crossed?

Do you struggle with how to determine what style of furniture and accessories will work best together in your space?

It's okay - this is so common. And I'm I'm here to help!

In these calls, I will help you establish your Design Archetype and understand what that means for your personal style! You will leave the call with the confidence to use your Design Archetype to create a space you love, knowing it will look good in the end. And...IT'S ACTUALLY GOING TO BE FUN! Pinky promise!

I've made space in my calendar to host 5 free calls this month!

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What does a Design Archetype have to do with

you and your home?


We'll Determine

Your Primary

Design Archetype

Most people know what they like, many know what they DEFINITELY do not like...but then don't know how to pull it all together.

But here's a hot tip:

You don't need to have it all figured out right away!

Understanding your Design Archetype is KEY to developing a design direction for your home and on this call, that is exactly what we are going to tackle.


We'll Reveal What That Means for

YOUR Space

Do you have so many ideas, yet find yourself struggling to establish a clear design direction

within a space?

Leave it to me to help you identify your design blind spots and together, we'll clarify the missing pieces that left you scratching your head in the past.

Gaining an understanding of where you previously struggled when putting a space together and what you can do moving forward will be surprisingly easy with a few simple tweaks!


The End Result?

Once we've established what your Primary Design Archetype is, you will have a starting point to base all future design choices from.

You don't need to have it all figured out at once! Design takes time and this is the first step to taking action on all of those unfinished design dreams!

You will leave your call with the confidence to use your Design Archetype to create a cohesive look in any space you choose to tackle, moving forward.

Trust me - you can do this

and I'm here to help!


#1 - I know how many people sit on the sidelines, unsure of what's it's like to work with a designer

Thanks to some *unnamed* popular tv shows (I know you know what I mean ;)), the thought of working with a designer can be super intimidating for most people, if not downright scary! And I'm here to reassure you, that is far from the norm!

I'm not here to judge, intimidate or otherwise make you feel tiny for your overwhelm or lack of design knowledge. You're not expected to have all the answers. I truly want to help!

Which brings me to my second point...

#2 - I miss teaching . . .

Did I mention I used to be a college professor?

Guess what my favourite part of that was? The lightbulb moments my students experienced when they finally *got it.* When they understood the lesson or concept!

Now, imagine my surprise, when after being in the design industry for over a decade, I realized that was the exact same thing I loved about working with my design clients!

There is nothing I love more than helping people sift through the overwhelm and perceived complexity and break down a space's design into bite-sized steps and concepts that are easily implemented.

I want to help you get unstuck and give you that *lightbulb moment!*

#3 - I started doing these in July and had SO much fun!

So I figure, why not keep the party going?!

These calls will mirror the strategies I use to help my Design Lesson and Custom Blueprint clients achieve the space of their dreams and I LOVE what we accomplish in those services, so I think this is going to be a big, fun win-win for both of us!

I want to be of service and while I certainly do that through my paid services , I want to have a bit of fun this summer and share this opportunity with you. I always hear how people are waiting on the sidelines, too nervous to hire a designer...so now's your chance.

I'm challenging myself to try something new here - so take advantage! Might I be learning how to improve my current services and perhaps make them better than ever by doing this? Well sure, I'd be lying if I said no, BUT, there is zero catch and all the help you've been wanting on these calls. So take full advantage while you can!

Hello, I'm Diana!

After more than a decade in the design industry (Owner & Lead Designer at Delaney Design Co., I continue to see evidence of how one’s physical environment affects their everyday life. So much in fact, I decided to make it my business to help you create a space where you can thrive!

The best news? I don’t believe you need a complicated and expensive process for to create inspiring interiors.

I have a signature system to help you get from overwhelmed with where to start to confidently tackling your next design project.

Warning: I have a funny way of making you believe in yourself ;)

Ready to design a space you love?


I am SO excited you've decided to schedule one of these calls! I am treating these calls as if you have paid your hard-earned money for them, so all I ask is that you show up prepared and ready to plan together :)

If you need to reschedule for any reason, you can reschedule as long as there's still availability.

Please do so at least 24 hours in advance.

STEP 1 // Book Your Call

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STEP 2 // Complete Your *FUN* Homework

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no less than 48 hours prior to our call together.

STEP 3 // Get Ready to SUPERCHARGE the Momentum in Your Space!

That's it!!

You will get a link to the homework once you book your call, I will review it,

then we will hit the ground running the day of the call.

Once you've done all 3 steps, you're good to go!

Looking forward to chatting with you :)